Tinker Bell Really Does Fly Every Night!

One of my favorite all-time experiences at the Magic Kingdom at Disney World is at the end of the nightly fireworks show.

As the final notes are played and the last fireworks are clearing the sky Tinker Bell steps out on her balcony on the castle and flies across the sky for everyone.

It is one of the most magical moments in the day for me – it has brought tears to my eyes for many years. First watching my daughters watch Tink in wonder and now as they watch their children marvel at Tinker Bell flying I know they feel the same. It’s definitely something everyone will remember forever.

Here are a few Tinker Bell Tips in case you’re thinking . . . I want to try that!

  1. You need to be petite – 4’11-5’2’’ and weigh 105 pounds of less. The first Tinker Bell to fly over Sleeping Beauty’s castle in 1961 was Tiny Kline and she was 71 years old at the time – wow!
  2. You can’t be afraid of heights – Tinker Bell is rumored to climb a ladder inside the castle up 189 ft. above ground. To a room so small it can only fit her and one other assistant. She can go up to 25-35 mph across her zip line on her 30 second flight.
  3. Your costume almost weighs as much as you do! Wings and all it weighs approximately 70 pounds.
  4. Sometimes Tinker Bell is Tinker Bill – It is rumored that when Tinker Bell calls in sick she is played by a boy. Next time you’re there you might want to check and see!
  5. The pay is great – Tinker Bell gets paid around $500.00 for each flight she takes across the Magic Kingdom’s sky – isn’t too bad for 30 seconds of work.
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