Hananah Lohmer Receives Top Honor

Hannah Lohmer, 27 Travel Leaders, Stillwater, MN
2013 Top 30 Under 30 

Here they are: The future of the travel industry, the next generation of agents who will discover new places to go and new ways to connect with travelers. They exist in a 24/7 world of nonstop information, and communicate with each other, with other industry professionals and with clients through multiple platforms. They tweet. They share. They snap pictures and chat about their experiences. And they sell travel in ways that would have been unimaginable just a few years ago. They are Travel Agent’s Top30Under 30 for 2013.

Over the past few years this feature has created a buzz in the industry and also helped fuel a community of young professionals who enjoy being a part of a special growing niche in the travel industry. This year’s list of young agents, all of whom were under 30 when the year began, is a testament to our combined success.

We trust that by being named to this list, the selected young agents will be encouraged to stay in an industry that so clearly embraces new talent. We are also inviting them to participate, along with past “Under 30” alumni, in our fourth annual Young Leaders Conference during LuxuryTravelExchangeInternational in LasVegas. Now, read on for the 30 freshest and most innovative young travel agents in the business.

“There has never been a time in my life where I was not involved in some aspect of the travel industry,” says HannahLohmer. “My parents owned and operated a travel agency in our hometown of Stillwater, MN, since 1977 and only recently retired in October 2011. This afforded me the opportunity to visit many places multiple times and experience them at various ages.”

After studying French at the University of St. Thomas (and living abroad for five months), she found it easy to promote visits to Franceand WesternEurope. “Since starting with Travel Leaders in October of 2011, I have focused on those destinations that I am most familiar with…Family packages to warm-weather destinations are a must in Minnesota.”

While she appreciates the value of social media and an online presence in building a personal brand, Lohmer is much more appreciative of personal networking. “I use social media to help establish me as a well-known professional in the travel industry and to continue to gain more exposure and clientele. I contribute as a blogger on our community Patch where I give readers travel tips and write about new destinations or inspiration for trips that may be unknown to most.”

Sandy Lovick, president of Market Square Travel, says, “Hannah is well-traveled, well-spoken and energetic. As a travel agency owner, the trait that stands out for me is Hannah’s ability as a self-motivator. She is loved and appreciated by her clients for her concern and the thorough way she handles their travel arrangements.”

(Reprinted in part from Travel Agent Magazine August 2013)

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