June 15 the reason they call it “THE” Great Barrier Reef

This is the day for which I personally have been waiting for the entire trip.  Our day literally on the Great Barrier Reef.  And this was probably the day that  put forth the biggest decision.  There was no doubt that we were going to do a day snorkeling at the reef but the question was with whom.  There are so many different companies to choose from and the more we looked the more uncertain we became.  I can tell you now there is one all important determination that you must make and that is strictly related to the expectations of the person.  If you are like me and it is all about reaching the outer reef and snorkeling several sights then choosing a company like Poseidon is ideal.  Poseidon has an excellent craft holding about 85 passengers, great personnel, good for snorkelers and for divers as the day includes 3 separate stops to  snorkel/dive.  On the other hand,  if you are less interested in moving around or your group is made up of people with different interests then I highly recommend opting for a day with one of the tour operators like Quicksilver or Reef Magic that take you to the outer reef to their own platform stations.  These operators offer additional options such as glass bottom boats, semi submersible vessels and even helicopter rides over the reef.

When all is said and done.  I can tell you that snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef surpassed my expectations!   The sights you see pictured in movies and documentaries are for real.  The coral is colorful, the fish are even more colorful. And wouldn’t you know that my little underwater camera ran out of film right when the “big shark” swam right below me!  I am telling the truth!

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