Animal Kingdom … 1st stop Kilimanjaro Safari

From the moment you see the grass hut entrance sign to the Kilimanjaro Safari ride, you know this will be a fantastic adventure!

The anticipation of winding around this line in a jungle-like environment is amazing! As you get closer to the front of the line, you see these rugged, safari jeeps which puts you automatically in the safari mode.

The jeeps are painted camouflage, canvas tops and even bags and luggage on top to make it more authentic.  You file in and take a seat anxiously waiting to take off.

You start out with a very windy road seeing antelope eating the mossy logs and a few deer spread out here and there. Then as your jeep steers around the bend of tree top bamboo forests, you see some swamps. You’re looking … and looking, your eyes are peeled and realize eyes are staring back at you!! Nope, not alligators. There are hippopotamuses and there are all kinds of them! Some partially submerged, others peeking the eyes and ears. As the jeep slowly and quietly creeps along to the other end of the swamp, it looks like a hippo’s convention is happening!  The water is clear as a bell and the full backs of the these enormous animals appear everywhere. There are at least 10 in a group, and I assume they are gabbing and talking about us “tourists,” as they give us the side-eye.  The pink flamingos surrounding these hippos add a nice touch of color to these grayish subdued colors.

As we continue along, the jeep driver & safari guide makes funny animals jokes and noises, we are told to look behind us at the field and like a ray of light, not one … but two tall and spotted necks appear walking in our direction. The guide advises us we won’t be moving so take some pictures and enjoy the view. They are very mindful of animals.  So, we wait and keep watching them come towards us. I look the other direction to find a mother and baby … YES BABY GIRAFFE, slowly lollygagging in front of our jeep. No big deal, just some wild, stunning, huge animals 4 feet in front of our jeep!

The safari adventure continues across some old wooden creeky bridges, but that’s where my story ends … and you must go and see the rest!!

You won’t be disappointed with the variety of animals. It feels as though you are on a truly authentic safari.


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Allison Broberg

Allison Broberg

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