Why I Use a Travel Advisor


Why I Use a Travel Advisor

Have you worked with a travel advisor? There are so many situations where a travel advisor can bring value to your vacation experience. I have recently worked with a well-known agency located here in the Twin Cities, Travel Leaders – Market Square. They are a Franchise of Travel Leaders Network, the largest travel network in the U.S. This is a family owned and operated agency since 1984. They have been recognized for multiple years as the “Associate of the Year” a prestigious award given by Travel Leaders Network.

The Travel Leaders team has an advisor for every travel need and style. For any future trips, I know Travel Leaders has an advisor that can assist and provide insight and knowledge to enhance my travel experience.

Some of their vacation planning services include:

  • Destination Wedding and Honeymoons
  • Bucket List Vacations (ex. Safari in Kenya, Overwater Bungalows, Exotic or adventure destinations)
  • Ocean and River Cruising (including small ship, sailing and expedition cruises)
  • Group Travel (ex. Spring Break Groups, multi-generation family trips, wine or garden clubs, service clubs like Rotary or Lions)
  • Disney and Theme Park Travel

Regardless of the travel style or destination, Travel Leaders has specialist to collaborate with you. Their team is deep rooted in experience and expertise. They truly are the experts!  And talking to an advisor when planning a trip truly opens your eyes to maximizing your time and budget.

Here are just a few examples of when to use a Travel Advisor:

  1. When seeking expertise, recommendations and someone with personal experience to help plan a trip. They’ll provide tips and weed out the big data online.  Perfect if you are overwhelmed or just suspicious of online options.
  2. When you don’t want the responsibility to organize the entire trip and you want someone to organize what you want along with providing a price.  
  3. When you want trust with your investment, a human connection, and to meet face to face.
  4. When looking for a vacation catered to your passions and interests. They can provide a customized itinerary.  Travel advisors work with a network of partners in every country to give you access hidden treasures and insider tips to make the most of your trip based on your personal interests.
  5. Traveling in big groups they can organize the chaos.
  6. A complex trip that involves multiple transfers and flights. They handle it ALL!
  7. When you want an advocate. If something goes wrong— injury, cancelations, and other travel inconveniences, your travel advisor is one phone call away.

When you book online, the system pre-selects what you see and what they want you to buy.  A computer cannot ask you questions and clarify your wants and desires.  At Travel Leaders their focus is to customize an itinerary, give you the best insight and value.  You will be given extra information about your destination, hotels, cruise and hotel. SEAMLESS travel. They are always working for YOU.

Human connection is something you cannot replace. If something goes wrong, your advisor is there to help and find a solution. A flight cancelation, problem or issue, their team is always available. Plus, airlines and hotels/resorts have immediate lines with travel advisors to resolve any situation.

If you haven’t worked with a travel agency before, it is a simple process.  You simply call them, email them, or set up a meeting. You let them know where you are going, what you want to know/do, and how much you want to spend. They listen to you, ask more questions and send over recommendations, information and insight that fits your wants and needs.  Yes, there is a fee for this service, but in my experience the time and money I save in travel planning far outweigh the upfront service fee.

Let me tell you, this is the only way to TRAVEL, a totally different experience. It felt like I could finally enjoy the destination without restraints or worries about the next move.  

Let a Travel Leaders Advisor take care of your travel plans!

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