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This summer (2022) I was able to spend 3 weeks in London from the end of June to mid-July. I was staying in East London, only about a 15-minute tube ride away from Victoria which is one of the main attraction spots.

My first sightseeing adventure was to the Buckingham Palace. I did visit this site twice and I found that going on a weekday was way less crowded than going on the weekend. I highly suggest a stop at London’s royal residence.

My second adventure was to Covent Gardens and Theatre District. I think these two were great places to visit, still a bit touristy, but not nearly as much as the other major attractions. The Covent Gardens offered tons of shops and restaurants. The Theatre District is where you can find London’s Chinatown.

The third outing started off with a visit to the Jack the Ripper Museum and I have to say, it was way cooler than I anticipated. It had 5 total levels (with wheelchair accessibility) and each had a room that allowed guests to immerse themselves into the setting. There were wax figures, memorabilia, audio, reports, pictures, and a paper brochure to guide you through the museum.

After the museum, we headed to Tower Bridge. We stopped at an adorable little cafe right by the St. Katherine docks and enjoyed a yummy brunch! We took a stroll by the docks, found a spot with an amazing view of the bridge, took some pictures, then made our way to the bridge. We made it our mission to find a rooftop that would give us a nice view of London and we found just that! The rooftop we visited gave us a view of the Tower Bridge, the Shard, and the Tower of London.

The following weekend, we made it out to Kensington Palace and visited Princess Diana’s Memorial Garden, another beautiful garden (but way less crowded). We walked through the Wellington Arch, where we were shortly followed by royal horses and guards. We finished this weekend by visiting the Portobello market. We enjoyed champagne and cake at a local bakery. 

And finally, I had to make sure I wasn’t leaving London without seeing two more major attractions! We headed out to Westminster to see Big Ben and the London Eye. It was surreal to be seeing them in person after only ever seeing them through pictures. 

During these 3 weeks, I found that London has so much more to offer than just the big attractions. I’d love to tell you more about the rest of it and help you plan your trip out to London!

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