Adventures in Nairobi – “Out of Africa” Experience

You probably have seen the movie – “Out of Africa”.  We went to the Karen Blixen House in Nairobi where she lived.  We were able to take a tour of the home and hear the stories, as well as walk the grounds.  At Angama Mara, the picnic area from the movie was shot here.  We also saw the airplane from the movie which has been purchased and is now at Segera Retreat.

We visited the Giraffe Center in Nairobi.  You are able to get close to the giraffes and fee them.  It is truly amazing how tall they are once you are close to them.   From there we visited the Sheldrick Wildlife Elephant Orphanage.  They currently have sixteen orphans and they are kept here for about 3-3.5 years and then are moved to Tsavo where they are reintroduced to wild elephant herds which takes about five years.  The orphans need to be fed milk while they are at the orphanage.  They have keepers who sleep with the elephants and fee them.  They rotate the keepers so that the babies do not get too attached in case one of the keepers needs to leave for a short amount of time.

We were also able to visit a few craft stores where we could purchase local arts and crafts.  They always had a shop at the lodges where you could do some shopping as well.  We were only in Nairobi, so otherwise there were no cities where we went shopping.  The bed work that the Maasi women made were beautiful.  You could also purchase carved animals, wooden items, etc.  there was a wide variety of items in the craft stores that we stopped at, so you could purchase those items you wanted to take home.

Is there more?  Stay tuned.

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