What to consider when planning a destination wedding?

There are so many details that go into planning a destination wedding. This is one of the BIGGEST days of your life. There are many things to consider and your travel agent can help with that.

 Here are a few things to consider adding to your planning list:

  • Flights and Transfers. Are there direct flights where all my guests are departing from? Will the flight times accommodate the day and time of my wedding? Can I offer group transfers?
  • What’s Plan B? If it rains and you have an outdoor wedding where will it be moved to? 
  • What will the weather be like? Will it be humid? For the ladies, that could make your hair go CRAZY, don’t forget the right hair products. Will there be shaded options for those that don’t do well in the heat … we don’t want any one fainting during the vows.   
  • Family Friendly. If you are inviting guests of all ages from small children to Grandpa and Grandpa will the resort accommodate all your guests. Are the kids clubs? Relaxing shaded areas? Excursions for active adults?
  • Food Options. Are there plenty of food options because we know people can be picky and some even have allergies.

There is plenty to think about … and that’s where your agent comes in.  It is sure to be a fun wedding and will go off without a hitch with a little help from your agent.

Your Dream Wedding Come True with a Resort Buyout!

Your big day will be here before you know it. You’re trying to figure out how to achieve the dream wedding you have always hoped for. As they say, “go big, or go home.” Why not buyout a resort for your wedding day? Then it will just be you and your soon-to-be spouse along with your family and friends.  

What’s the advantages of buying out the resort. You will know EVERYONE at the resort.  If you want a pool party … go for it. Everyone one in the pool will be people you know and love.  If you’re a foodie you will have the option to tailor the menus for your meals. Select all your favorite foods for you and your guests. Do you have a vision of how you want the decorations at your wedding? Well, you can decorate the entire resort to your liking, your color scheme, your flower choice, you name it!

On your wedding day you are overwhelmed with joy when you look out and see all the people that are watching you get married. The best part is they are all familiar faces  since it’s just you and your loved ones at the resort. There are no interruptions. Your ceremony and reception are exactly as you had hoped. 

The dream of having the perfect private wedding can happen when you buyout a resort.  What a perfect way to start your life together!

A Honeymoon Adventure on the Road to Hana

Your wedding day was perfect from start to finish. Everything went just as planned now it’s on the your honeymoon!

Waterfall on the Road to Hana, Hana Highway, Hawaii, USA.

You’re going to Hawaii visiting the beautiful island of Maui. The perfect way to start out this adventure is to drive the narrow winding Road to Hana. You turn on some of your favorite tunes, put the top down on that convertible and start enjoying the breathtaking views along the way. Be sure to take your time and stop to take pictures and the beautiful waterfalls you will encounter.

At your first waterfall stop, you get out and realize you are very high up. As you walk to the edge of the path and look down your stomach turns, but then you see another waterfall in the distance which complete distracts you from the dramatic drop and you can’t believe this is real life. There are so many twists and turns on the very narrow road, you’re thankful that your spouse is an excellent driver.

It’s time for another stop. You start up a trail and see all kinds of beautiful flowers, the smells are lovely. You walk across a bamboo bridge over a rocky trail and then you look up to see the most beautiful waterfall. It’s amazing, peaceful and romantic. There is plenty more to see along the Road to Hana and it will not disappoint.

The Road to Hana is the perfect romantic adventure. Let’s start planning your Hawaiian honeymoon.

Adventurous Honeymoons

5…4…3…2…1 you to step off a platform and zip through a jungle with your new spouse about to take off behind you. As you’re zipping by, you see exotic wildlife and quickly observe the breathtaking views that surround you. You make a stop and get to share your experience with your spouse as they join you at the platform before you take off on your next zip through the waterfalls that surround you. As you hang on tight, your heart is racing and then your spouse races in to the platform upside down and you exchange a heart pounding kiss. You have complete your first adventure as husband and wife!

As you head out for a bite to eat. Your dinner plans take an unexpected turn when you head to Ricks café (located in Negril). You realize that your next adventure awaits … cliff jumping. You and your spouse are next in line to jump, your heart is racing, but you have your loved one there with you. You turn and look at one another and trust that everything will be fine because you have each other. Hand-in-hand you jump and it seems like an hour before you hit the water, but once you do you realize this is another memory made that you’ll never forget.

Every marriage is an adventure. If an adventurous honeymoon is what you are looking for I’m ready to “jump in” and help you!

An Adventure Built for Two

Start your lifelong journey together with an incredible, one-of-a-kind experience.

You did it! You said “I do.” As those words are spoken lives are changed, families are joined, and you and your spouse start your adventure together through life.

Not long after the I do’s, the champagne, the dancing, and the tears – you’re off! You’re on your first adventure as a married couple. Before you know it, the plane is descending and you can see the beautiful beaches and ocean all around you. It’s perfect.

You get to your hotel and you’re greeted immediately and shown to your room. The service is better than you ever imagined it could be, and the room makes you feel like royalty. Life is good.

But you didn’t come here for the room service and the beach view windows. You came to make memories, so that’s what you do!

Try everything together! You only get one honeymoon.

Before you know it you’re cruising along in the back seat of a boat, the driver gives you the signal and you’re being lifted into the sky! Parasailing above beautiful blue waters. You look down below you and see the resort, the beaches, all the people; but up there, it’s just the two of you – floating along together while the world carries on around you.

You made it safely out of the sky, and now you’re on to the next adventure! You’re on the catamaran, gliding along to the reef. You wonder what kinds of fish you’ll see! Then it’s time to load up – life jackets and snorkeling gear!

You both jump into the water and your spouse leads you to a school of fish. They’re red, blue, and yellow. There must be thousands of them, you think. It’s beautiful, it’s calming, it’s humbling. You are in their home. You stay still and let them swim all around you – how cool is this?

Soon enough you have to head back, another adventure in the books – one you will never forget. But you leave knowing you’ll have many more experiences like this over the years together.

Kim goes to Puerto Vallarta

I had a great time traveling to Puerto Vallarta with friends, we stayed at Paradise Village. We had an awesome view of the ocean and beach.

My experience swimming with the dolphins was  a once in a life time event.

kim dolphins