Adventurous Honeymoons

5…4…3…2…1 you to step off a platform and zip through a jungle with your new spouse about to take off behind you. As you’re zipping by, you see exotic wildlife and quickly observe the breathtaking views that surround you. You make a stop and get to share your experience with your spouse as they join you at the platform before you take off on your next zip through the waterfalls that surround you. As you hang on tight, your heart is racing and then your spouse races in to the platform upside down and you exchange a heart pounding kiss. You have complete your first adventure as husband and wife!

As you head out for a bite to eat. Your dinner plans take an unexpected turn when you head to Ricks café (located in Negril). You realize that your next adventure awaits … cliff jumping. You and your spouse are next in line to jump, your heart is racing, but you have your loved one there with you. You turn and look at one another and trust that everything will be fine because you have each other. Hand-in-hand you jump and it seems like an hour before you hit the water, but once you do you realize this is another memory made that you’ll never forget.

Every marriage is an adventure. If an adventurous honeymoon is what you are looking for I’m ready to “jump in” and help you!

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