How to Travel Between Camps on a Safari?

You can drive, though this can be long and quite bumpy.  They call a game drive an African massage.  Otherwise you can take scheduled or chartered bush flights.  These can be 4-12-seater planes which will land on paved or grass runways.  Usually the pilots will buzz the air field to clear the wildlife off and then turn around and land.  They still have to be careful, as some of the animals are slow to leave the air field.  This is the same when you are on a game drive, the animals have the right of way, so you need to wait for them to cross the road and move on.

You are very close to the wildlife when you are on safari.  They are right along the road, or if you are on a private game reserve, you can drive across the grass areas to get close to the wildlife.  It is just so amazing to be that close to the animals in the wild.  The rangers know where to look for the different wildlife and how to gauge what they may do.

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