Underwater Adventures in Belize

Thinking about where to escape to the winter? Maybe my snorkeling pictures from Belize will give you inspiration. I’ve never seen such a variety of sea life, nor have I had such close encounters with the active sea life as I did in Belize. I’ve taken many Spring Break trips over the years with my husband and son, and Belize still ranks number one as my son’s favorite. At age 15 he was at a perfect age for the adventures Belize has to offer. We met other families with children ages of 11+ and they too seemed to be at the appropriate age for the snorkeling opportunities. EVERY family member can enjoy the adventurous activities Belize has to offer together.

If your a Certified Scuba Diver or aspire to learn it ranks as one of the best diving destinations in the world. Their claim to fame is The Blue Hole & Ambergris Caye, for the enthusiasts it is a “must see” goal. From a snorkeling perspective I was most content to float the buoyant surface to view the spectacular activity below. To take it to a deeper level be incredible.

If I’ve inspired you to head to Belize let me assist with planning the ultimate family adventure.

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Leslie Strowbridge

Leslie Strowbridge

I am an avid traveler and my journeys have taken me around the world. I am always looking to find the hidden gems of a destination and I tend to lead myself off the beaten path. A few of my adventures have taken me swimming in the Dead Sea, standing at the equator, cruising on Ha Long Bay, climbing to the Monastery in Petra and glamping in the Arabian Desert. Where to next?
Leslie Strowbridge

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