Your Dream Trip Awaits

I hear these lines all the time … I want to go on my dream trip … I’m ready to check something off my bucket list …. I want to take the ultimate vacation

What things need to be considered when you start planning? The destination(s) you’ll visit? Length of the trip? The cost of the trip? Who’s coming with you? What will you do on this vacation? All of these are good questions.  

Here are some tips to consider to stop dreaming and start planning … 

  • Where to? Narrow down possible destinations. Write down a list of places that have always been on the top of your list
  • Budgeting. Open an account to save for the trip and put money away each month.
  • Timing. When is the best time to go to your destination of choice? What works best for you personally? You may have to consider your work schedule or baseball season.
  • Meet with a Travel Advisor (Me!). Together we can plan the perfect itinerary, give you an idea on the overall cost and find the right time for you to travel. As an advisor, I can share tips on how to save money and still incorporating upgrades too
  • And so much more. That’s what I am hear for. Excursions, tours, transportation, dinner reservations … you name it. I can help!

This trip will be amazing and certainly a dream come true. Let’s start working on making your dream reality … I will be with you ever step of the way!

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