Old Fashioned Family Dining at this Mom’s Kitchen!

50’s Prime Time Cafe

Disney’s Hollywood Studios – Echo Lake (Park Admission Required)
1 Meal Credit – Advanced Reservations Highly Recommended

Who’s ready for a blast from the past at this all-American mom’s kitchen restaurant. This is one of my family’s favorite dining venues – it’s a must do for us every trip at Hollywood Studios.

Bring your empty tummy and sense of humor because your “Mom” & “Dad” are here to teach you some table manners (among other things) and even pass out some punishments to misbehaving children & adults. We are usually rolling on the floor with laughter by the time we get done ordering.

The fun really begins when your waiter starts picking on the adults–our grandkids love watching us told to take our hat off, elbows off the table and you better finish everything on your plate! There is also a “Tune-In” Lounge where classic cocktails are served for the adults and kids can order specialty drinks with electric ice cubes. Try this restaurant out – I’m confident you will enjoy the experience just as much as we do!

Early morning outside of the restaurant. Lots of stroller parking and places to relax while waiting for your table. Looks really cool at night too when the neon is all lit up. Love the 50’s style uniforms the waitresses and waiters wear too.

Inside this fun “50’s Style Kitchen” dining experience. Your TV in your booth will play 50’s movies and tv shows while you’re dining. Be sure to check out the other decorations – you might even recognize something that was in your house while growing up. Disney does a great job of taking you back in time to what it was like in the 1950’s.

Our waiter Christopher and me on our last trip – one of the main reasons we reserve a lunch or dinner here every trip. He remembers us from year to year – it’s a magical moment when he looks at us and says “Oh No! – the Minnesotan’s are back again”. He is what makes our meal so special and I never get tired of him telling us everything on the menu is his favorite – lol!

Here is a photo of my husband’s favorite thing to order . . . A Sampling of Mom’s Favorite Recipes. You get to try their three main menu items . . . Mom’s Meatloaf, Pot Roast and Fried Chicken. Don’t forget their malts either – they are the best. This is how big all the entrees are – they can easily serve two people if you only want to use one meal credit. You will want to save room for one of their amazing desserts too.

Our favorite dessert to share – Mom’s Brownie. I mean who can go wrong with a warm brownie, ice cream and whip cream with caramel corn on top. But be careful – if you can’t finish it you might be in trouble!

Warm Apple Crisp A la Mode – my daughter and granddaughter decide to share this nummy American favorite.

And here’s what happens if you don’t finish your dessert. Your waiter will fly it “Airplane” style into you until your plate is empty. This was my son-in-law’s first time dining here – so our waiter really let him have it. All in good fun and a magical memory for his family to take away from this vacation.

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