Special Silhouette Memories at Disney

Our family has a special tradition we have been doing for 30 years. On our first family trip to Disney World when my daughters were 3 & 6 I had their silhouettes cut in Downtown Disney one night. That frame hung in our house for years with the cut-outs changing each time we traveled to Disney again.

Then to my surprise last fall when we took our whole family to Disney World for our 40th Anniversary trip both my daughters insisted on getting their kids silhouettes cut to continue the same tradition in their homes. It was a magical moment knowing this was a memory for them as much as me.

There are only two of these silhouette carts scattered around Disney World at Disney Springs & the Magic Kingdom. These are one of the best souvenirs you can bring home – only about $25.00 for two copies of your silhouette and a really nice frame.

The silhouette artist at the Magic Kingdom has been there for a long time. There are not many of these artists around any longer so they are very lucky to have her. She is very friendly even when it’s 90 degrees out on Main Street.

Sitting very still for the little ones can be very difficult and then they want to investigate the entire process of how this is completed. It only takes her about two minutes to do each silhouette cutting. The final product with all four kids silhouettes on it was simply beautiful. 

Hopefully we will be back soon to get another one done.

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