Bleisure: Mixing Business and Leisure

What is Bleisure? 

This term is coined from combining a business trip with a leisure trip.  Why would anyone consider this type of travel?  One nice perk is that your airline ticket and hotel accommodations are likely being paid for by the company requiring you to travel.  I’ve personally had many clients bring their family or significant other along and extend their stay to enjoy some quality time as a family. Many of them can attest that it makes the stress of business travel more bearable.

There are multiple options for a bleisure trip.

  • Pre-stay: your family or significant other joins you prior to your business meeting and they take off once your conference begins
  • Post-stay: your family or significant other joins you after your business meetings
  • Bleisure at its best: your family will stay the entire time to explore the destination, even though you’re in meetings you can rest easy knowing your family is nearby exploring.

The next time you are required to travel for work consider extending your stay. Especially if you are heading to a destination that you and your family have not yet visited. 

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