Packing for a Business Trip

Packing for a business trip can differ than packing for a leisure getaway.  Whether you travel quite often or once a year, having a packing list can be  handy.  You already have your mind set on many things for your upcoming meeting or training seminar.  Remembering what to pack shouldn’t have to always be taking up your valuable memory storage.

Here is a list of things I find handy for the average business traveler on their upcoming trip: 

  • Travel umbrella
  • Book – Hard Copy or Downloaded
  • Notebook and pens – sticky notes and highlighters are also handy
  • Flashlight (if your phone does not have one built into it)
  • Business cards
  • Sewing kit
  • Razor
  • Breath fresheners
  • Laundry spot remover
  • Phone charger/laptop charger
  • Power bar to recharge phone in an emergency or if you’re away from outlets
  • Current converter if traveling abroad
  • Travel alarm in case your phone alarm doesn’t work (I always suggest a backup alarm to be on the safe side)
  • First Aid/Prescriptions
  • Sleeping mask, ear plugs, binder clips (for clipping curtains together in your hotel room)
  • Swimsuit or workout clothes

If taking only a carry-on bag for luggage, think about investing in packing cubes.  This can really help with maximizing your packing space.

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