Tired of Being Just a Number?

In my position as host agency manager for Market Square Travel, I talk with independent travel advisors who are considering moving to a new host agency.  While there are many reasons an IC might be looking to move hosts, ranging from slow payments of commissions earned to low commission levels overall, the most common reason that I hear is a desire for more personal and more expert support from their host. 

Many hosts, unfortunately, have grown so large that even their top producers end up waiting in long queues for service and support or spend inordinate amounts of time trying to get answers to simple questions.  Worse, when they have a professional question, they’re often directed to a Facebook forum for an answer, as the host either doesn’t have the time or lacks the expertise to assist.

At Market Square Travel, we’ve turned that model on its head.  Our boutique host agency allows us to offer independent advisors the best of both worlds, blending the top commissions and resources of a large host agency with highly personalized, responsive, and expert support. 

Our Hosted Agents enjoy:

  • Dedicated IC support – with most questions or requests resolved within minutes or hours, not days or weeks.
  • Expert support – all of our support staff, and all of our managers, actively sell travel.  That means we walk in your shoes every day, and are generous in sharing our expertise.  Have a question on which supplier is best for a specific situation?  Need to brainstorm some ideas to handle a challenging client?  Ask away, and your answer will come from someone who really knows.
  • No phone trees – our independent advisors have a direct line to agency management.
  • Best Practices Task Forces – our hosted advisors are invited to join our agency’s best practice task forces, providing focused learning and growth opportunities for luxury sellers, romance travel specialists, Disney agents, cruise sellers, and group specialists.
  • Out of office coverage – we will provide out of office coverage to agents who are traveling, ensuring that clients are taken care of and your business can run uninterrupted during your absence.

Tired of being a number with your host agency?  Contact me at 651.964.8245 or ted@tvlleaders.com, and let’s chat about working with a host agency that treats you as an individual, not just another number.

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