Who Gets Invited on FAMs?

As a professional travel advisor, you’re aware that FAM and incentive trips aren’t as common as they once were.  While many suppliers are happy to extend attractive rates to advisors, it’s rarer and rarer to see an invitation to a cost-free FAM.  Even in today’s environment, top suppliers continue to offer top producing agencies a variety of incentive and FAM trips.  Yet, many top producing agents never receive those invitations and are often left wondering who does and why.

At Market Square Travel, we have a firm policy to offer the FAM and incentive trip invitations we receive to the advisors who have earned them or who demonstrate a strong commitment to learning and selling the supplier/destination, whether that advisor is an employee or an independent advisor.  In recent months, our independent advisors have received agency invitations to multiple cruise ship inaugural sailings, semesters at sea or on the river, and a variety of trips in places as diverse as Mexico, Costa Rica, Kenya, Poland, Australia, Greece…and many more.  In fact, we even host annual incentive trips specifically for independent advisors who are our top producing and rising stars. 

So, as you evaluate your host agencies, it’s worth asking the question “Who gets invited on FAMs?”  You’ve earned them, and our host agency is here to make sure you can take advantage of them.

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