Would you ever consider going to Disney World alone?

One of the biggest trends in travel in the past few years is catering to solo travelers.  Maybe they don’t have friends or family who can afford the price tag, the time off, or have the desire for travel.  

But that shouldn’t mean that a single traveler shouldn’t be able to customize a perfect trip that will fill their soul and make them happy.

Some things to consider when traveling as a solo:

  • Will I be safe?
  • Will I have fun alone?
  • Will I have a chance to meet other people?
  • How will I handle things if something goes wrong?

Now, when I ask these questions again in the context of a solo trip to Disney World the answers for me are very easy. 

  • Will I be safe?  Yes!  Disney is known to be a safe and secure.  Always take precautions, stay alert and stay sober, but that is the same advice I’d give to couples or families traveling anywhere in the world.  Disney makes some people feel safe and is great for single travelers.
  • Will I have fun alone?  Yes!  It is pretty hard not to have fun at Disney.  Try the single-rider lines, go to your favorite attractions and skip those your don’t care for, decide where and when you want to eat without making it into a 20 minute debate.  In fact, you might have MORE fun traveling in Disney alone.
  • Will I have a chance to meet other people? Yes!  At the resort, in the pool, at the restaurants, in line for attractions, at shows, watching parades, you name it.  You are surrounded by people and folks on vacation tend to be friendly.  Smile and strike up a conversation and be receptive to those around you who try to engage with you.
  • How will I handle things if something goes wrong? We have your back.  You can purchase travel insurance, the cast members at Disney are trained to help and we are but a phone call away.

Our travel specialists have years of experience with Disney World and can give you insider tips to make the most of your Disney Vacation.  If you want to go to see the new Toy Storyland, & Pandora or classics like Space Mountain, our trained team of Authorized Disney Travel Planners will help you organize an amazing solo Disney adventure.

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