Let Martina Guide You to the Best Food in Florence

You’re going to love Martina, a professional tour hostess who likes to introduce travelers to her city (Florence) by sharing the food and drink that makes this Tuscan city special.  A world-wide traveler, Martina knows what’s important to tourists who are interested in learning about a region, and she brings Tuscan culture to life by sharing its regional delicacies. 

Your tour will include a visit to the Sant’Ambrogio market, a favorite with Italian locals, where you’ll find a wide variety of bakeries (fornos), butcher shops and specialty cheese shops as well as the Da Rocco trattoria serving all kinds of Tuscan specialties at a reasonable price. Martina is well known in this market, and local vendors will be happy to explain how their product is prepared in Italian homes and share recipes for traditional dishes.

Another stop at an old trattoria known for its soups is owned by a friend of Martina who likes to regale his customers with funny anecdotes about traditional Florentine life.  You can try tagliere (an Italian cheese board) or Coccolo, balls of dough stuffed with ham and creamy cheese and fried in olive oil).  Finish your tour with a cup of delectable gelato.

You’ll make a total of five stops, sampling a wide variety of Florence’s popular favorites,  And don’t forget a glass of chianti….  whatever you decide to try, Martina will make sure you don’t go hungry! 

If you’re touring Italy, contact me for information on this special side tour. It might be the highlight of your whole trip!

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