Horseback in Salta

My trip to Argentina was one I will never forget. On the the highlights as horseback riding in Salta. We rode in full gear … I strapped on chaps and of course I was give the tallest horse and I had the shortest legs, but that didn’t stop me. I hopped right on and took off.

My horse jumped right in to a full on gallop and didn’t slow down. It was a beautiful ride through the Nothern part of the Andes Mountains outside of Salta. We rode through vineyards, fields and waterbeds.

This was a whole day affair. We stopped at a  Sayta Ranch, a small privately owned ranch next to vineyard.  We enjoyed a Gauchou BBQ where they cooked a full cow over an open fire … It was delicious! I washed down the meal with a local Malbec.

Would you like to head to Argentina? It’s gorgeous and I would be happy to help set you up with the perfect itinerary.

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