The Inca people of Peru

The Inca people of Peru have fascinated historians and archeologists alike for their advanced building techniques, farming practices, and cultural superiority.  The ancient city of Cusco was the original capital of the Inca civilization and makes a great “home base” for tourists to the region.  Beyond Cusco there are countless archeological sites that are worth visiting.  One option is a full day tour of the Sacred Valley, which includes a visit to Moray.  This site, situated on top of a plateau, is a series of concentric circles that gradually descend into a bowl-like depression.  Archeologists believe that it was used for experimenting with different farming techniques, a testament to how advanced the Inca civilization was.  A second stop at Mismanay brings you close to the local Andean culture where local hosts offer entertainment and a typical native meal.  The last stop is the town of Ollantaytambo where the genius of Incan architecture is still in evidence.

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