The New Spa Vacation Trends

Healthy, mind-freeing, contemplative vacations are now taking the place of “Booze Cruises” and all-night limbo parties on the beach.  Instead of using a vacation to temporarily forget about the day to day frustrations of job and family life, this new trend encourages people to take stock of what’s important in their lives, eliminate the excesses and become healthier both in mind and body.

Hotels, resorts and spas are waking up to the fact that today’s upscale travelers are looking for more than workout facilities and “low calorie options” on their menus.  New properties are beginning to brand themselves as “Healthy Hotels,” getting rid of the notion that folks are on vacation to eat lavishly and spend most of the day at the swim-up bars.

New hot springs locations are being developed worldwide.  This therapeutic treatment is one of the oldest methods of relaxation known to man.  And it still works!  These locations tend to be more affordable and are also wonderful places to meet new people and interact socially with others from around the world.

Some resorts are adding “anti-gravity” features such as weightless suspension and floatation chambers.  These can be combined with yoga and other exercise classes designed to take the weight of the world off the minds and bodies of the guest.

Another trend is for those who are personally driven toward personal excellence and want the boot camp experience to push themselves toward their fitness goals.  Being surrounded with others who are similarly driven makes for an invigorating and satisfying break from the average gym experience.  Resorts catering to this clientele are creating fitness courses to challenge this new breed of vacationer.

Spas are becoming less focused on beauty “products” and are emphasizing and encouraging the spa-goer to make the most of her natural beauty.  Make-up and hairstyles are becoming more basic and less artificial with the use of natural rather than chemical beauty aids.  Along with this idea, aromatherapy is rising to a whole new level to treat depression and  encourage relaxation.  Spas are now developing personal aromatherapies to treat each individual.

Now that the stagnation of world travel due to the economic downturn has eased, new spas are blossoming all over the world catering to those who want to alter their lifestyles drastically through meditation and “life-coaching” experiences.  Closer to home than a spa in the Himalaya’s, new urban retreat spas offer the same kind of mental release and life direction education.

Because a large number of the traveling population is now aging, there is another good reason for resorts to ditch the ‘beach party” atmosphere and address the concerns and comfort requirements of their guests.   Surprisingly, some spa-like options are now cropping up in hospitals, assisted living facilities and hospice units across the country.  Housing developments for mature people are also incorporating some of these same comfort concepts to make the aging process less daunting for residents who still want to maintain their independence.

Check with your travel agent!!  New “healthy” resorts and spas are being developed in surprising places all over the world — not just in long familiar locations..

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