My Favorite Travel Apps 2017

I simply remember my favorite things….. oh yes my friend, let’s take a look at a few of my fav’s for the year.
If you have not ever tried these, now is the time.

Rebtel — Phone calling
Facetime, Skype and Whatsapp are all good options when you want to make calls, but a WiFi connection is always needed to use the.  Let’s talk about the app Rebtel.  The app works by basically hijacking local phonelines and gives you the best available calling rates.  Check out the recently launched Rebel calling deal for friends and family free calls if they are also using the same app. (looks to be valid only until 2018)

Packpoint — Packing
This app generates a great packing list for your trip.  You enter the destination, date of travel and length of stay along with a bit of detail on the activities you’re planning.  Once generated, it’s easy to tweak if you want to add/subtract due to your personal packing style.

Rome2rio — Transit Connections
Route planning, when traveling globally, can get more complicated these days.  When figuring out how to get from point A to point B this app is pretty amazing.  With route info from over 4,800 transport operators in over 158 countries, this app instantly displays flight, train, bus ferry and driving options with estimated travel times and pricing.





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