To Stroller or Not to Stroller at Disney?

Some things you should know about using strollers at Walt Disney World:

Strollers are a necessity for many of us at Walt Disney World.  I, personally, have brought a stroller with for many years, when traveling with my 2 girls.  The trip that we were finally stroller free, was even that much more magical, although ending another phase.  Strollers serve an important purpose – to get your children safely and efficiently from place to place while you enjoy your vacation.  Here are my top 5 things you should know about strollers at Walt Disney World.

  1. Identify your stroller in the crowd:  Many of the strollers look very similar, especially if you are using one of the rentals.  It is absolutely in your best interest to tie something brightly colored to your stroller so that you can easily pick it out of the crowd.  This saves you time and worry when you exit an attraction and are trying to locate your stroller.

  2. Collapse your stroller:  Pay attention and listen to instructions regarding your stroller.  If you are getting on a Disney bus or tram, you will always need to take your child out of the stroller and collapse it in order to board.  Save time and help things move along quickly by collapsing your stroller while waiting in line, so that you’re ready to board and won’t hold up the line.  Collapsing it prior to the bus pulling up, helps you to feel less stressed and rushed.

  3. A rain cover is very helpful:  During the summer, it typically rains every afternoon in Central Florida.  Even in other seasons, rain is a common occurrence.  It is a really good idea to either purchase a rain cover for your stroller or buy a couple of cheap ponchos that could be draped over the stroller to prevent the rain from soaking into your stroller and your kids if the rain should start.

  4. BRING YOUR OWN:  This should be my number one suggestion, but it’s on the list none-the-less.  I highly recommend just bringing your own stroller.  It’s convenient, and you will have it with you for the duration of your trip.  At the airport, at the resort, off the bus, Disney Springs, etc.  It’s likely that you and your child are much more comfortable in your own stroller, the one they’re used to.  From the way it moves and performs, the hand grips, how to fold it up, etc, won’t be new to you, so it’s more comfortable.

  5. Rental options:  There are also valid reasons to rent a stroller while you’re there, and that works too.  You have two basic rental options:  A) Rent from a Disney park, costs vary from single day use to multi-day use, single-vs- double strollers, etc.  You will also be required to pay a refundable deposit for the rental.  Or B) Rent from an off-site location  There are a ton of different stroller rental companies in the area.  They will deliver the stroller to the resort, and with current restrictions, you may need to meet them in the lobby area of by the bell stand, and then they will pick it up at the end of your stay as well.  The prices for this type of rental do tend to be much less expensive, and the strollers seem to be a little more comfortable.

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