Melissa Recommends: Disney Penny Press

Penny press machines have quickly become a family favorite among my kids.
I do believe you can get these updated maps at guest services, but I have always just printed this one below and used it.
I don’t have the updated locations for the Frozen characters, and they have plunked in those characters too!!  Which is very exciting!!!

Here is a great place to download some pocket guides:

In preparation, what we do is gather as many shiny pennies as we can find.  I found out that you cannot just go to the bank and get new pennies, you must just sort through what you have and either grab the shiniest ones, or clean old ones.
We go to our local big box store (Target, WalMart, etc) purchase the little tubes of mini M&M’s.  We pick our favorite color tubes.
When we get them home, after eating up the lovely little candies, we remove the wrapper off the tube.  We then sort our money as:  Quarter-Quarter-Penny.  Each Penny Press machine costs $0.51.  So we want to make sure for every penny there are two quarters.  Stack these coins up, and place them into the tube in that order – quarter-quarter-penny.  Then every time you reach in, you quickly have exactly what you need.

Next, we decorate the tube.  Sometimes we have used stickers that we have, sometimes we have just colored and decorated.  But they make each tube with their own personality and love.  Once decorated, the coins are put in, and we are ready to go!!!!!

Pinterest has a ton of great examples as well for this.  Here is what I’m finding:  CLICK HERE
Hope this helps you plan one more fun (and very inexpensive) option for your next Disney trip!!!!

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