Creating the Perfect Golf Itinerary

Is there such a thing as “perfect” when it comes to creating the perfect golf itinerary?  The answer is yes, however, you either need to know what you are doing or you’d better have a trusty expert at your disposal to consult with. We in the know, highly recommend that you do that latter. 
When planning a trip, there are many elements that factor into creating the perfect golf itinerary, none more important than choosing the right combination of personalities in which to travel with. Also, each group generally has its alpha leader or as we in the industry refer to this person as “that guy” or “that gal”.  In most situations, it’s a thankless job that comes with a lot of pressure, stress and expectation because those that are traveling with you are relying on you to deliver a flawless travel experience. But hey, what are friends for! 
If you have ever been shouldered with the responsibility as a group leader then you will know exactly what I am saying. You might also agree with me that your first and most important call to action as a group leader is to seek out the services of an expert; an industry professional that not only understands the lay of the land when planning a trip but also has the ability to provide the group with preferred status or benefits at the places you will stay and play at. 
For those that do not choose this route, the burden of executing a trip itinerary can be somewhat overwhelming leaving you drained and not in a position to be able to enjoy your vacation. But for those that do, once the trip planning is in the hands of the expert much of the burden will have been removed from you allowing you to relax and enjoy the experience from beginning to end along with your friends.
In golf travel planning, the level of difficulty depends on the destination that you plan to visit.  Usual subjects such as Pinehurt, Pebble Beach or Kiawah Island are all resort based bookings and not too complex to plan.  However, we still highly recommend booking via your chosen travel professional as they will be able to leverage industry relationships to provide the best prices and added value when booked under their agency or tour operator brand. Something as simple as an upgrade on arrival, or a late check out, or complimentary breakfast goes a long way to adding value that you alone will struggle to attain if booked directly or without any status.
When it comes to planning golf’s ultimate pilgrimage to Scotland or Ireland, the complexity reaches a completely different level and it does require personal planning experience and or intimate knowledge of the destination that you will be traveling to.  Most of the big name courses that are on the golfer’s wish list such as Royal Troon, Muirfield, Ballybunion or Royal County Down are all private clubs and they do welcome visitors but only on certain days of the week.  With the average trip running seven nights and five or six rounds, it will require precise planning and a strong understanding of where and when you can include these courses within your itinerary.  Also, when overseas you will be required to move hotels at least once or even twice within the trip so the flow or routing of the itinerary is absolutely vital to limit the amount of drive time while allowing for maximum enjoyment that’s to be had in these countries.   And speaking of driving, they drive on the left hand side of the road so save a hubcap or two and spend a few extra bucks to get your own coach and driver.  It’s the icing on the cake to any trip across the pond and it adds another element of style to an already special experience.  
In closing, creating the perfect golf trip is all about the planning and execution but it doesn’t work without the people and personalities that you share the experiences with. Even the best planned trips might have a hiccup or two, but with a wee bit of luck they won’t affect your overall experience leaving you boasting to your pals upon your return home that you just had the most perfect golf experience!  

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Sean Winton

“Travel is best served when seen through the eyes of a local native” Born in Glasgow, Scotland, Sean spent his formative years growing up in a quaint, west coast fishing village called Maidens. On one side of the village are the beautiful grounds of 17th Century Culzean Castle, a National Trust of Scotland treasure and, on the other side of the village are the world renowned links of British Open and luxury resort venue Turnberry. For a boy growing in a poor family, it was in this setting, especially Turnberry Hotel, a place where the rich and famous would come from all over the world to socialize and play golf that his life’s aspirations were founded. Now calling Florida home, and many years of hands-on experience in the travel industry he will tell you that his career path was borne out of his childhood dreams and upbringing. Founding two successful golf and lifestyle travel brands, the first in 1996, and his second in 2017, Sean has traveled far and wide in the pursuit of perfecting the art of golf and lifestyle travel. As it is in life as it is in travel, it’s as much about WHO you know rather than WHAT you know, a philosophy that has served the clients that have traveled with him over the years!

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