Where to Go from Los Angeles

A recent survey conducted by Travel Leaders Group finds that people are interested in going farther afield on vacation. With more options for flights, accommodations and activities, it’s now easier than ever to travel from Los Angeles to amazing places around the world.

New airline routes at Los Angeles International Airport, and increased frequency on established routes, especially to Europe, have allowed increased travel options to destinations that previously were difficult to get to from Southern California.


New hotels, cruises and tour offerings are hitting the market every day, giving consumers even more choices when it comes to planning their vacation.


Trending destinations for Travel Leaders clients flying out of LAX so far in 2019 are

  1. Auckland
  2. New Zealand, up 18 percent
  3. Hong Kong, up 11 percent
  4. London, up 9 percent
  5. Shanghai, up 6.5 percent
  6. Paris, up 5 percent,

According to Travel Leaders Group

Family travel is also important to Los Angeles-area clients, in particular, trips that include multiple generations. Travel advisors from Travel Leaders Group help ensure the details are seamless, including planning activities that appeal to each generation and activities all can enjoy together.

A travel advisor can also ensure that amenities important to families are included, such as larger or adjoining hotel rooms.


Ever since director Peter Jackson used New Zealand as the stand-in for Middle-earth in the “Lord of the Rings” movies, the country has grown in popularity as a tourist destination, with lots of opportunities to see locations where the movies were filmed. Cosmopolitan Auckland, on the North Island, is a perfect starting point to discover New Zealand’s natural wonders.



Hong Kong is a great option for consumers who have a trip to Asia on their travel bucket list. English is still an official language, so it’s easy to get around. Hong Kong combines historic architecture with a stunning skyline of modern skyscrapers, upscale shopping districts and bustling street markets, enabling visitors to get a taste of Chinese culture.



London has plenty to offer travelers, from royal watchers to aficionados of art, music and drama. Children will love the London Eye observation wheel that takes riders high above the city for a thrilling ride. Historic sites such as the Tower of London appeal to all ages. From Aug. 24-26, the Notting Hill Carnival brings a Caribbean party to the city.



Shanghai, on China’s central coast, is the country’s biggest city and a global financial center. The Bund, the city’s waterfront promenade, is lined with historic buildings. Yu Garden is a beautiful example of a classical Chinese garden and a must-see.



Paris is ideal for a romantic getaway. On Bastille Day, July 14, one can watch the annual parade along the elegant Champs-Elysees and fireworks over the Eiffel Tower. In the evening of July 13-14, firemen’s balls are held in a number of fire stations all over the city.


For help planning your trip, contact our team of travel specialists to better assist your international Travel needs.

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